Introduction to New World Coralsnakes

New World Coralsnakes are native to North and South America. Three genera are represented (Micrurus, Leptomicrurus, and Micruroides). These venomous snakes are within the family Elapidae.

Coralsnake venom is mainly neurotoxic, although many of them also possess several other types of toxins, including cardiotoxins and cytotoxins. Bites are somewhat uncommon (especially in the U.S.) but do require immediate medical attention.

Like all elapid snakes, coral snakes possess a pair of small hollow fangs to deliver their venom. The fangs are positioned at the front of the mouth. The fangs are fixed in position rather than retractable. (Wikipedia)

 Coralsnakes are shy, retreating, and spend most of their time in loose soil and under leaf litter. Prey consists of lizards, amphibians, other snakes, and possibly mammals. At least one species preys on fish.

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