Facebook Group Rules

The following rules pertain to our facebook group, Wild Snakes : Education & Discussion.

1. No captive snake posts / photos / videos. They will be deleted. Once in a GREAT WHILE, one of the staff will post a captive snake to illustrate a point relating to wild snakes. This is NOT a green light for everyone to post their pet snake.

2. No profanity. All profanity will be deleted upon sight.

3. TROLLING, rude, antagonism, harassment, vulgar, sexual, off-topic, religious debate, or any other negative behavior will be dealt with by the staff as they see fit.You may be MUTED or BANNED according to staff discretion. BEHAVE, STAY ON TOPIC and you won’t have an issue. EXCESSIVE JOKING is considered trolling and distracts from the education process. BLOCKING a staff member gets you removed from the group.

4. VENOMOUS – Active snakebite posts will be handled by staff, closed and redirected to National Snakebite Support. Photos / videos of venomous snakes (Elapidae, Viperidae) and medically significant colubrids being handled with bare hands are not allowed (this includes tailing). TUBING venomous snakes should only be done by professionals and if presented as such, those photos are OK. If you are tubing just for fun your photos will be deleted. ; If you do post these you will be MUTED for 24 hours without question and repeat offense is a permanent ban. When discussing coralsnakes and their mimics please do not repeat “THE RHYME” in the discussion. It’s worn out, cliched, and distracts from real education. It’s becoming a real problem so please don’t do it. All snakebite posts will be handled by Dr. Spencer Greene (when available) and possibly Joe Pittman. Both are venom professionals. Medical advice is ONLY to be given by those two individuals. Don’t give medical advice or you face being banned.

5. Any post advocating or recommending the KILLING or INJURING of snakes will result in you being permanently banned from the group. Recommending GLUE TRAPS, POISON such as mothballs, or extermination services will result in a 24 MUTE. DEAD SNAKE PHOTOS are almost always unnecessary to post. Please do not share photos of DEAD SNAKES, especially those that have been maliciously killed and posted all over facebook. On RARE OCCASIONS we allow a dead snake photo in order to discuss something important or to obtain an ID. The staff will handle these photos on a CASE BY CASE BASIS.

6. We do not discuss or debate the issue of feral cats in this group. Those posts will be deleted.

7. FLUFF – memes, hokey news stories, viral junk, videos, GIFs, and anything else the staff deems as fluff and not educational will be dealt with by the staff as they see fit. This included deleting or closing comments.

8. All photos / video must include species names. If a staff member asks you to include species name please do so. If you fail to do so in a reasonable amount of time your post will be deleted.

9. all ADS, links to websites, events, gofundme, crowd sourcing, products, or anything that we deem to be just an advertisement with no educational value will be deleted without warning. SPAM that has nothing to do with wild snakes gets you BANNED with no notice. If you are only here to post a link to your page, group, youtube channel, etc. your posts will be deleted and, if you continue, you will be banned. This includes LOOPHOLE ADVERTISING where a page is linked under the guise of an educational photo or article, etc.

10.SNAKE ID – JOKING about snake identification, i.e. calling a harmless snake a cobra, will get you MUTED for 24 hours. Please do not guess on snake ID posts UNLESS it’s a quiz and then guessing is allowed.

11. Do not ask for, or post, specific locations for snakes, common or otherwise. We do not discuss nor promote the collection of snakes for captivity in any way. Posts of this nature will get you a 24 hour MUTE. Continue to break this rule and you will be banned.

12. We reserve the right to close and/or comments on any post that we deem necessary in order to avoid misinformation, rule-breaking, and interference with the education process.

13. ANY questions and concerns about the group and how we run it are to be addressed respectfully in PRIVATE by contacting a staff member through messenger. All complaints / questions posted on the public group will result in your post being closed. If you contact a staff member with an attitude you will be BANNED. If you post a profanity-laced rant, you will be BANNED.

The reason this group is so successful is because we DO enforce these rules. Please do not make the mistake of thinking you are above them. ALL of the above rules are enforced with a 24 HOUR MUTE. That should taken as a warning. Repeat offenses will result in a BAN. Contacting staff with an attitude results in a BAN.


Mike currently lives in New Haven County, CT where he has been studying herpetology (the study of Amphibians & Reptiles) for many years and has worked with state agencies, private agencies and zoos doing herp field work and teaching the public about snake safety and the importance of amphibians and reptiles in the ecosystem. Mike now focuses on herp education through social media and public programs.

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